Can you remember?

Have there been times during the past week when you forgot something?

Everyone forgets things!

So the answer to that question makes little difference. Whether you realize it or not, you have been forgetting things--little things and big.

But it doesn't have to be that way!

Recently there have been many improvements in memory techniques and mind tools.

A poor memory can be a major disadvantage to any leader or manager in getting things done. A poor memory can limit your promotion potential, cause you increased stress and anxiety, and generally make life more difficult than it needs to be.

Do you need to improve your memory so you can improve your life?

In Improve Your Memory and Improve Your Life you will learn why you forget certain facts and what you can do about it.

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So How Can Improving Your Memory
Improve Your Life?

In Your Work . . . You use your memory everyday at work. You may need to use it in solving a problem that you have seen before. Remembering what you did the last time to solve the problem can save time. Maybe you deal with customers or clients: remembering details about a customer will make them feel more important and can lead to better sales. Remembering details about the people you manage and lead will help motivate and inspire them to better results.

In Your Personal Life . . . Have you ever forgotten something as simple as picking up milk or bread on the way home from work? Or worse yet, a birthday or anniversary. If you have forgotten the latter, you already know how much an improved memory will improve your life!

In Your Studies . . . If you are a student, retaining more of what you read is a very important part of your learning skills. An improved memory will lead to better grades and better grades will lead to a better job in your future.


The good news is that having a better memory is easier than you think!

Improve Your Memory and Improve Your Life isn't a system, or a course, or a book of puzzles to test your powers. It is a book of simple instructions on the practical application of memory principles.

As you learn more about your own memory, you’ll take a greater interest in it, and use it to better advantage. The results of all this can be evident almost immediately--in your daily life and at work.

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